Dark and Light – New game trailer for ambitious sandbox MMORPG

Also known as Savage Horizon, developer Snail Games recently revealed the latest trailer for Dark and Light, its massive sandbox MMORPG. Since acquiring the rights to the game back in 2008, there has been much hype over the announced features, including 40,000 square kilometers of land, the ability to build houses, villages, kingdoms, become a hunter, a fighter, a treasure hunter, and more.


Along with the release of the ChinaJoy 2016 trailer, new features added to Dark and Light were announced. The main difference will be the upgrading to Unreal Engine 4! Other than that, it seems the game has expanded into space as well, with the concept of multiple gods expanding into multiple universes. From just Dark vs Light, it has now evolved into 3 factions… More details later this year!

Dark and Light comparison


  1. Black and White Online? p_p
    And each time i read “ambitious” it makes me twitchy.. i wonder why. :>

  2. Probably a themepark with some sandbox elements in it like Black Desert, so a huge pile of shit.
    Chinese devs make great enviroment and graphic but they lack the design and knowledge how to make a true western sandbox mmorpg (like UO and EvE).

    • This is a reboot of an old, failed Western MMO (also called Dark & Light). The game was terribad, but you could make your own towns and cities, and the world was about 150 times as big (in actual playable area) than todays complete (including all expansions) World of Warcraft’s size (about 40,000 km2). Mountains were actual mountains, oceans were oceans, and so on. It was BIG.

      It was supposed to be a single-server game like EVE as well, with full PvP. Basically, if EVE was a fantasy game with avatars instead of spaceships. I’m really, REALLY looking forward to how much Snail kept in this new version, or whether they’re just re-using the name (though the landscapes look big enough in the trailer).

      Also, fun tidbit: In the original, snowboarding and skydiving were actual minigames. No height limit to flying either.

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