Kingdom of War – Mobile SRPG soft-launches in selected countries

[Facebook page] Global mobile games publisher Gamevil today announced the soft launch of Kingdom of War, the newest mobile strategy RPG developed by studio Play Earth. The much-anticipated glboal launch will take place later this year. Kingdom of War is a mobile strategy RPG which offers a wide array of heroes which players can recruit into a four man party to assist in epic quests.


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The game features a unique “Tactical Mode” that freezes gameplay and allows players to take command over the movement, skills, and attacks for all 4 allies. Players will be able to assemble teams and develop strategies for Kingdom of War’s unique battle mechanics. Utilize teamwork and tactics in Conquest Battle within a limited amount of time in an all-out territory battle against other guilds.

Kingdom of War image 1 Kingdom of War image 2

The soft launch of Kingdom of War will be available to play starting from June 3rd and will be open to Android users in the following participating countries by downloading the game from the Google Play Store:

• Australia
• Singapore
• Philippines
• Malaysia
• Canada
• Saudi Arabia
• Turkey
• Netherlands
• Sweden
• New Zealand
• United Arab Emirates
• India
• Italy
• Kuwait

Kingdom of War screenshot 1 Kingdom of War screenshot 2