Samurai Rising – Square Enix mobile game launches in Japan next week

While Square Enix is faltering in its effort to conquer the PC gaming market in Japan, the developer is still churning out new mobile games almost every other week. The latest is Samurai Rising, set to launch domestically on 2 June. With an ancient Japan theme, there are currently 11 jobs to choose from, including Samurai, Taoist, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage, Dragoon, and more!


As you can seee in the trailer, Samurai Rising is a mobile action RPG played in both portriat and landscape modes, requring players to manually move around to dodge attacks and cast skills during most battles. There is also a 4-player co-op mode! Typical to most RPG titles, there will be many different armor parts and weapons to strengthen the characters. No English launch is on the horizon.

Samurai Rising screenshot 1 Samurai Rising screenshot 2 Samurai Rising screenshot 3


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