Sacred Legends – Classic RPG series to make mobile debut this summer

Today, Deep Silver FISHLABS and Chimera Entertainment lifted the veil on their first project, Sacred Legends. Developed for mobile devices, the game will mark the tradition-rich Sacred brand’s debut on the App Store and Google Play. Sacred Legends will go live globally in summer 2016. If you did not know, Sacred had 4 games for the PC and consoles, with the first launching back in 2004.


The gripping story of Sacred Legends takes place in the demon-plagued kingdom of Ancaria – a rich game world with a deep lore. The title’s gameplay focuses on hero development, loot collection and fierce battles against monsters, creatures and other deadly enemies. Its engaging story ties into the narrative of Sacred Underworld, the acclaimed add-on to the original Sacred game on Windows PC.

Sacred Legends screenshot 1 Sacred Legends screenshot 2

In addition to asynchronous co-op features and multi-layered gameplay, Sacred Legends features console-quality production values and native touchscreen controls. In the roles of warriors, archers or seraphim, players set forth to save an ill-fated kingdom from the onslaught of Demon Lords. In battle, they will be accompanied by their fellow players with whom they form hard-hitting teams.

Sacred Legends screenshot 3 Sacred Legends screenshot 4