HIT – Nexon announces summer global launch for UE4 mobile game

[Pre-register now] Nexon and NAT Games announced that Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT), the HD hack-and-slash RPG powered by Unreal Engine 4, will be launching worldwide this summer. HIT is the debut mobile title from new studio NAT Games founded by Yong-Hyun Park, the renowned lead designer behind popular massively multiplayer online role playing games Lineage II and TERA.


With over 5 million downloads in Korea, HIT has remained in the top 10 grossing apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play since its November launch. Players can pre-register now to receive unique in-game rewards and be notified when the game launches. HIT’s fluid and action-packed battles star four distinct classes of heroes whose armor, skills and attacks are unique and highly customizable.

HIT image 1

With simple but lightning-fast attacks, HIT provides instantly gratifying battles. Strategic players will chain together long combos of melee, ranged and evasive maneuvers for greater rewards. HIT’s expansive game modes currently include 200 increasingly challenging levels, a six player free-for-all PvP arena, massive cooperative raids and dungeons with more content planned beyond launch.

HIT image 2