Atlantica Heroes – Mobile version of tactical MMORPG is an action game

Atlantica Online is a very popular turn-based MMORPG around the world, and developer Ndoors and Nexon Korea sure took their time having a mobile version of the game ready. Rather than following the same turn-based combat system, Atlantica Heroes features a real-time action feature, with players able to switch between 3 heroes at any time. There is also cooperative PVE raid as well!


Nexon Korea will be starting the first Closed Beta test for Atlantica Heroes for its domestic users from 25 May to 30 May, exclusive to Android users. There ios currently no confirmation if the game will head to the Western market. If you did not know, Nexon purchased 67% of Ndoors back in 2010, at a speculated price of around USD 150 million. Ndoors is well-known for Atlantica and Goonzu Online.

Atlantica Heroes promo