ASTA – First expansion arriving soon with new region and level cap

[Play now] Webzen, today announced that the first major content expansion for its Asian fantasy MMORPG, ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds, will be available later this month. ASTA is an Asian-themed fantasy MMORPG with several races, classes and characters, along with PVP battlegrounds and guild battles, a broad crafting system, a player-driven economy, and rewarding dungeons.

ASTA - Wado screenshot 1

Webzen is set to release the first expansion,”Myth I: Wrath of the Berserkers”, in the last week of May. The update will raise the level cap to 55, and add new content including the region of “Wado”, a new dungeon “Mountain of Trials”, together with new quests and achievements. In Wado, players can encounter those from hostile factions, but in a larger area with more powerful monsters.

ASTA - Wado screenshot 2

The Mountain of Trials, a new dungeon located in the centre of Wado, will also be available. This dungeon is composed of 7 boss rooms where players can find their ideal challenge, whether it’s a 1-player Easy dungeon, a Very Hard run with a few friends, or a raid with 10 players. Webzen is currently working on a patch to incorporate more features and challenges into ASTA, so stay tuned for updates!

ASTA - Wado artwork