Ragnarok Mobile – New game trailer highlights classic classes and features

First announced back in August 2015, this new version of Ragnarok Mobile is being developed by China-based studio, Xindong, with an official license signed with Gravity for the IP rights. A new trailer was recently made public, which can seen below. Much of the original Ragnarok Online has remained the same, including costumes and guild PVP, and watching the trailer gave me goosebumps!

Update: New screenshots will be posted in my Facebook album here – https://goo.gl/bmHPxo

In case you are worried the this Ragnarok Mobile is like the previous trash titles, you can be assured that combat will be real-time, and not collect a party of characters for boring turn-based fights. The classes also seem to remain intact, and the Blacksmith class was teased at the end of the trailer as well. It seems lazy Gravity finally found the right team to faithfully port the classic game to mobile!

Ragnarok Online Mobile - Assassin 1 Ragnarok Online Mobile - Knight 1 Ragnarok Online Mobile - Priest 1 Ragnarok Online Mobile - Wizard 1Ragnarok Online Mobile - Hunter 1