God Slayer – New test phase slated this month for CryEngine MMORPG

If you noticed in the past year, the number of China-developed PC online games has fallen drastically, with everyone heading towards mobile games (and VR). Godslayer Online, first announced by ChangYou in 2012, might be the last of its kind. Powered by CryEngine, the action MMORPG will enter its new test phase on 15 April. Back in May last year, I actually tried out the very first Alpha test.


In this recent game trailer, the development team highlights the combat systems found in God Slayer. More actions are added in this new version, including character falling points, back and side attacks, and weak spots for boss monsters (similar to Monster Hunter). The non-targeting system has been tweaked to help out players new to action games. A new healer class will make her debut too!

God Slayer screenshot 1 God Slayer screenshot 2