Breath of Fire 6 – Capcom launching official sequel next week in Japan

Although Breath of Fire 6 is a true sequel in the popular “Breath of Fire” series, it will not make an appearance on consoles, but on Windows PC and mobile platforms. Launching on 24 Feb in Japan, Breath of Fire 6 has actually pre-launched on Google Play and Windows PC today. Of course, there is no news for an overseas launch. Find out more about the game in my previous posts!


8 new feature trailers were released, which can be seen combined above. They include the tutorial, 4 weapons and skills (no classes, based on weapon held), one of the combination skills (form of a big dragon), friend skill, and fishing. Players from Windows PC and Android devices are connected to the same server (cross-platform), which makes the community of Breath of Fire 6 so much bigger!