Bless – Unreal Engine masterpiece enters Open Beta later this month

Earlier today, Neowiz held a media conference to announce the Open Beta schedule for Bless. Crafted using Unreal Engine, with around 200 staff and millions of dollars poured in, Bless will enter Open Beta on 27 January in South Korea. Interested gamers can now download the game, and create their characters first until 24 January. For now, only the China and Taiwan servers are also confirmed.


The 100 vs 100 PVP faction war is still Bless’ main feature, accompanied by internal guild war as well to determine the faction leader. This will be played out using a defense and attack mechanic. Pretty much like a civil war. There is also a lighter 3 vs 3 PVP arena. For PVE, there are around 7 to 8 dungeons planned, hundreds of species of monsters. There are no news about an English server now.



  1. It better not have ip block like Black Desert Online. Let SEA play this game. Without us, the server’ll be empty as a ghost town. But banned any hackers. Thank you…

  2. Nice, I’d love if they let each class being dps, healer and tank, and let u being more than 1 class by just weapon swap

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