Nine Hearts – Gamevil soft launches new RPG in 8 countries on Android

Gamevil recently soft launched their newest RPG, Nine Hearts, to select countries (see below). Nine Hearts adds to Gamevil’s extensiv mobile games portfolio and continues to lead the pack in this genre. With several more mobile games planned for 2016, Nine Hearts is the first peek into what’s in store. Gamevil looks to find success with Nine Hearts after a smashing 2015 with Kritika and Dragon Blaze.


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Nine Hearts strays away from the traditional action RPG gameplay and aims to better apply the mobile interface to its gameplay and overarching structure. Nine Hearts aims to combine the ease and accessibility of mobile games and the depth of hardcore RPGs. During the limited launch period, Nine Hearts looks to gather feedback from their most important reviewers, the users themselves.

Nine Hearts image 1 Nine Hearts image 2

Featuring 3 basic classes, various exciting game modes, and real-time co-op dungeons, Gamevil will continue to polish Nine Hearts as well as gain some crucial feedback from the community. Nine Hearts is now available for download in the following countries: Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand. The game is scheduled to launch early 2016.

Nine Hearts image 3 Nine Hearts image 4