La Lune: Moonlight Bandits – Taiwan server for spiritual sequel announced

Announced as Luna: Moonlight Bandits in South Korea by Webzen in December last year, it was revealed the game will be getting a Taiwan server in Spring 2016 under the name La Lune: Moonlight Bandits. Developed by Korean studio BH Games, Webzen has yet to launch the game in its domestic market, with the last announcement coming in June 2015 about a delay for Open Beta.


Published by Lager Network in Taiwan, La Lune: Moonlight Bandits is an unofficial sequel to Luna Online, which once took Asia by storm, until developer Eyasoft got into financial troubles. Familiar names and game elements can be seen in La Lune, although the class system is not as robust as Luna Online’s. The focus here is really strong on a large variety of costumes, mounts, and pets.

La Lune costumes La Lune mounts