ArcheAge – Taiwan server to abolish dual currencies for game fairness

Yesterday, Taiwanese publisher Lager Network Technologies held an event with a selected group of local gamers to share more information about the upcoming launch of ArcheAge. It was announced there will be no dual currencies system to make sure the game is “fair” for everyone, with a new “ArcheAge membership” system in place instead. No specific information was given on which of the 2 currencies is abolished (I am guessing Arcs), and details of the membership system remains a mystery.


Prior to the event, Lager Network Technologies assured local gamers that it would research on the different business models for ArcheAge overseas, and find the perfect mix for the Taiwan server. There was no mention of any XLGAMES staff at the fan event, which seems pretty strange. There is currently no launch schedule for ArcheAge Taiwan, though it is expected to launch later this year.

ArcheAge Taiwan fan meeting photo