Elite Lord of Alliance – First expansion launched for action MMO

[Play now] Global games publisher Webzen today announced that its triple-action hack and slash MMORPG, ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance, has been updated with Part 1 of its first expansion. The patch adds a new map, Crying Land, consisting of eight fields filled with lava. A new field boss named Fire Heart Fashim has also arrived. New rare items can be looted from mobs in this new map.


The level cap has also increased from 35 to 40. Level 40 players can delve deeper into the lore of Epheia with the addition of Guntara’s Hideout (level 40 area) and the Spider Cave. In comparison to other dungeons, players will fight with new enemies and defeat the most challenging monsters, such as Guntara and Spider Queen Ishiba, together with other players in teams for additional rewards.

ELOA first expansion screenshot 1