Valiant Force – Singapore-developed mobile RPG aiming for the world soon

[Pre-register] The tiny nation of Singapore in Southeast Asia has been known for many things, but game development is still a very young industry. XII Braves, a startup developer with 20 employees, aims to break the mould with Valiant Force next year. A tactical strategy mobile RPG, Valiant Force is nothing revolutionary, but rather a huge improvement on current games in the same genre.


The Japanese-style art work, with hints of classics such as Final Fantasy, certainly caught my eyes since I am an avid anime and manga follower. For the game itself, Valiant Force has 6 base classes, each branching out to 6 more advancements, making a total of 42 classes in total. The character models are in both 2D and 3D, with the latter showcasing all changes in equipment visually.


There are various side features confirmed right now, including players building their own kingdoms (structures will allow players to craft, and send teams on expeditions to gain experience for an amount of time). More details will be announced soon. Though there is nothing ground-breaking (which games have that these days), is certainly a giant step for the Singapore game development scene.

Valiant Force - GameStart 2015 booth photo