Paladins – SMITE developer reveals Founder’s Pack for new team shooter

[Beta register] If you did not know, Hi-Rez Studios, developer of SMITE, announced Paladins back in August. Recently, a Founder’s Pack was teased on the game’s website, and it costs USD 19.99 with digital extras. Beta will begin on 17 November, hence I am presuming it will be available for sale soon. Paladins follow Overwatch and Battleborn as new team shooters to look out for next year.

Paladins Founder's Pack teaser

Paladins’ collection of systems is a blend of first-person shooting, objective capture, lane pushing found in MOBAs, and collectible card games. Players build a collection of cards for each of their heroes, assembling a deck (armor, weapon, and abilities) that can be used during play. Since decks can only have one copy of each card, builds aren’t going to be the same from match to match.