Master of Eternity – New Nexon mobile game fuses mecha and bishōjo

While Nexon is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan (since they are trading on Tokyo Stock Exchange), we have yet to see a game truly inspired by Japanese culture. Enter Master of Eternity, or M.O.E (you get the drift), one of Nexon’s several mobile games being showcased at G-Star 2015. As you can see in the trailer, Master of Eternity is inspired by mecha and bishōjo, along with the high pitch voices.


The official description for Master of Eternity reads “a mobile SRPG that fuses together cute anime girls with mechs. Players must manage 16 girls, reveal their hidden secrets, and lead them into strategic battles against a giant empire.” I am not sure if that means there are only 16 mechas to collect, but it would really be too few if true. There is no launch schedule for Master of Eternity.

Master of Eternity screenshot