MapleStory Mobile – Nexon reveals game trailer for new mobile RPG

Just to clarify, MapleStory Mobile is a different game from Pocket MapleStory or Pocket MapleStory SEA. This is a new mobile RPG announced by Nexon, and it will be showcased later this month at the annual G-Star 2015 convention. It seems Nexon is trying hard to get the MapleStory franchise “right” on mobile devices, with several mobile titles launched already. Update: Gameplay video here!

Compared to Pocket MapleStory, MapleStory Mobile has 5 starting classes, rather than 3 characters. According to the official summary, MapleStory Mobile will have “various missions and quests, rich character customization and strong community deliver a mobile gaming experience that feels just as good as the original MapleStory.” How will this affect Pocket MapleStory? Time will tell.

MapleStory Mobile - 5 starting classes