Kai-ri-sei Million Arthur – RPG sequel launches in Singapore and Malaysia

Eyedentity Mobile is pleased to announce that Kai-ri-sei Million Arthur, already enjoyed by 12 million gamers worldwide, is now officially released in Singapore and Malaysia on Google Play and App Store. A mobile strategy battle RPG, Kai-ri-sei Million Arthur is the sequel to the immensely popular and successful Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur, developed by Japanese studio Square Enix.


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Riding on the success of its predecessor, this new addition to the Million Arthur series features strengthened RPG elements such as real-time 4-player cooperative multiplayer and deep strategic and character development. Since its official release in Japan, China, and Korea, Kai-ri-sei Million Arthur has achieved massive popularity, with over 12 million downloads in these countries.


Kai-ri-sei Million Arthur players will have much to explore and discover, as this game currently contains Volume 1 of the Scenario mode with 6 chapters and 18 dungeons. Content such as new enemies and cards will be introduced regularly. A boss raid monster called the Ice Dragon, as unpredictable as it is powerful, can only be defeated through teamwork in 4-player cooperative play.

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To celebrate the launch, a series of events will augment players’ experience from November 25 to December 18. For starters, players can gain the Ultra-Rare Otherworld Lobel card, along with two starter gachas which can be used to win Ultra-Rare cards during this period. Additionally, various game items such as Crystal, Quest Recovery Potion, Chiari and Kirari will be gifted to players every day.

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