ASTA – Webzen starts Initial Beta Test for CryEngine online game

[Beta signup] Around one month after Webzen announced ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds, the Initial Beta Test has finally started! Powered by CryEngine and developed by Polygon Games, ASTA was once touted as the “World of Warcraft of Asia”. There is a strong focus on storyline and the Asian designs, along with both PVE and PVP features. Read my interview with Webzen if you haven’t!


The character customization system is really in-depth, with various sliders for players to experiment. I am not a fan of spending hours on this feature though. The gameplay itself is the old-school tab-target combat, which players of games such as TERA and Dragon Nest might not get really used to. Features like the public PVE boss (same as Guild Wars) should really be in more online games.