World of Warships – Naval combat masterpiece launches worldwide

[Game website] Wargaming today announced that World of Warships has gone live. This highly-anticipated installment in Wargaming’s Free-to-Play series lets players seize the helm of history’s most iconic vessels. Aspiring commanders have four distinct classes of ships at their command, and a myriad of upgrades and strategically designed environments, ensuring the action never ends.


Cruisers are versatile vessels, ready to take on any ships and pick off scuttled opponents. Destroyers are quick and maneuverable, able to dodge attacks and deliver torpedo strikes. Battleships are heavy-hitting powerhouses dealing massive damage. Finally, Aircraft Carriers bring a real-time strategy dynamic, with scout planes to detect enemies and torpedo bombers dropping… bombs.

World of Warships launch screenshot 1

PVP and PVE game modes play out across 10 unique maps. PVP lets teams of 12 vs 12 take to the seas and clash for supremacy. PVE pits players against computer AI in a series of skirmishes to prepare for PVP and practice teamwork. World of Warships’ deep customization system lets players discover and shape their playstyle with Commanders, as well as dozens of Modernizations and Skills.

World of Warships launch screenshot 2