World of Tanks – Update 9.10 adds new Japanese tanks and game modes

[Game website] Wargaming recently launched update 9.10 for World of Tanks, bringing nine new Japanese vehicles and the next stage in the Domination event: Rampage. This new branch of Japanese tanks sees Tiers 2 through 10 get some heavy-hitting vehicles, including the Type 91, a Tier 3, which is the first Japanese heavy tank in the game, with a high damage-per-minute output.


The Rampage event contains both Steel Hunt and Domination modes. In Steel Hunt, players can command Tier 10 vehicles exclusively, with the ability to respawn in their battle to capture flags, earning Victory Points. In Domination, players can use their Tier 8–10 vehicles in furious 10-minute battles to destroy enemy tanks and transport captured flags to select zones to score Victory Points.

World of Tanks update 9.10 screenshot 1

Map availability has also been introduced. Players will be able to battle across more maps as they work up the Tech Tree, unlocking more tiers. A new garage tutorial also makes it easier than ever for players to familiarize with the game’s basics and discover useful tips. There is also the addition of a smaller game client, which lets players roll out in a more streamlined version of World of Tanks.

World of Tanks update 9.10 screenshot 2