PooPride – Mobile game based on poo found at Tokyo Game Show

Developed by Japan-based studio Dice Creative, PooPride is perhaps the most unique game at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Now available on Android devices, PooPride is described as “a game of chicken, but with poo”. That is not entirely wrong, as players’ poo races another on a race course, and tapping the button at the right time will prevent the poo from dropping off the course at the end.


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However, if the player-controlled poo stops behind the other poo, players will lose the game as well. The closer to the edge of the course a poo stops, the more points are given. There are various ways to upgrade your poo, including easier braking and increasing its speed. There are several different kinds of poo, and players will get access to them once beating them. Beware the boss poos!


According to an interview conducted by RocketNews24, the developers at Dice Creative said that they are “passionate about poo”. The reason they chose poo as the theme is because “it’s an essential part of human life.” PooPride was also described as having “a vibrant and cheerful aesthetic”, which can really be seen from the art style. Will you defeat and capture all the different poos?

PooPride image