Love Dance – Cubizone launches its first mobile game in Southeast Asia

Cubizone, one of Southeast Asia’s biggest games publisher, recently launched its first mobile game, Love Dance. A dancing and social game, Love Dance comes with a real-time communication platform, including voice message and photos upload. In fact, Love Dance could possibly double up as a dating app! Just to note, the iOS version will launch later, with only the Android version available now.


Google Play


Players can expect the features found in popular PC dance games such as Audition Online to be available in Love Dance. Multiplayer dance battle, with a maximum of 4 players, has 2 different modes for players to challenge each other. There is also a PVE mode, Red Carpet, where players complete a series of checkpoints in order to battle out with the boss before advancing to further stages.


Game Features:

♥ Meet Your Soulmate

Why seek your soulmate outside your country wherein you’ll see million of love dancers within your vicinity?

♥ One Common Server

Meet and greet all love dancers around the world without creating new accounts for new servers! Everyone is in one common server!

♥ Endless Fashion Combinations

Tons of fashion apparels to choose from! You can even craft your own apparel inside the game!

♥ Unlimited Songs to Dance From!

International pop? KPOP? CPOP? Hiphop? Rock? We got you all covered!

♥ New Songs and Fashion Apparels Updated Weekly!

So start your Love Dance journey todayand get ready for the once in a lifetime joyride with your special someone!

Love Dance image