Kritika: The White Knights – Blood Demon and new content goes live

Global mobile games publisher Gamevil has released version 2.18 update of its mobile action RPG Kritika: The White Knights, now available on iOS and Android devices. Joining the game is a new class known as Blood Demon, an ominous killer who strengthens her powers by draining the life force of her enemies and blasting them with energy bursts. She is also known as the Queen of the Undead!


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Blood Demon’s dark magic skills include:

• Wall of Blood: Creates a sturdy wall and thrusts out the surrounding enemy

• Crimson Thornbush: Controls the surrounding enemy’s energy and attacks by creating a sharp thornbush.

• Storm of Blood: Intensifies the surrounding energy and releases it in the air, stunning all enemies in the attacking range.

Kritika Blood Demon image 1

• Bloodthirsty Spear: Uses her spear to gather enemies and inflict severe damage.

• Starved Servant’s Feast: Summons bats while soaring up in the air. Bats then attack nearby enemies.

• Wind of Blood: Controls the surrounding enemy’s energy and attacks by blasting a powerful force.

Kritika Blood Demon image 2

Kritika has seven playable characters, including the Demon Blade, Crimson Assassin, Dark Valkyrie, Berserker, Cat Acrobat, Shadow Mage, and now Blood Demon. The update also includes the following additions and improvements:

• Added Continue Progress Mode: Allows players to automatically repeat a stage until all of their stamina has been consumed.

Kritika Continue Progress Mode

• Added Mission Accomplishment Alert System: Allows players to check the progress of their missions through notifications that appear during the game.

• Added Shortcut Menu: Allows players to move to any part of the game with ease through the Shortcut Menu.

• Improved Pet Evolve System: Allows players to use the Mass Evolve option for Epic Pets and Poor Pets for increased efficiency.