Kill Me Again – Mobile zombie puzzle RPG launches in over 100 countries

NHN PixelCube, the game development studio owned by NHN Entertainment, announced today that Kill Me Again is now available for Android and iOS devices in approximately 140 countries worldwide with support for over 10 languages. Featuring a thrilling combination of action, match-three puzzle, RPG, horror, and multiplayer elements, Kill Me Again is gory and tense, unlike any other games.


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The game tells the story about the human race trying to survive a zombie outbreak. Players, with 3 unique characters to choose from, attack zombies by matching blocks of 5 different colors. According to the color the players succeed to match, characters use different and unique skills such as Charge Attack and Barrier to deal damage. Action doubles as characters are also able to use skills.


A total of 110 different zombies can be found within Kill Me Again, all with varying characteristics and reacts differently to situations. Players can enjoy a hybrid game of puzzle and action RPG with the rune feature, which allows players combine game item effect as they wish. The advanced real-time gaming system distinguishes the game from other turn-based puzzle games available today.

Kill Me Again game image