Dynasty Heroes – Mobile game based on Three Kingdoms story launches

Developer Digital Sky Entertainment is looking to expand into the English mobile gaming market, and has just launched its latest mobile game, Dynasty Heroes. Available now on both iOS and Android devices, players take control of familiar generals from the Three Kingdoms novel, and build an army to conquer the land. Not just merely a simulation, as there are real-time battles as well.


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100 Heroes at your command

– Experiencing the remarkable story of the Three Kingdoms, recruiting different heroes with varying skills and attributes to pave the path to victory!

Dynasty Heroes image 1

Unleash ultimate hero combo skills

– Combining different heroes will result in different combo skills! Mix and match wisely, as this is the core gameplay combat!

Dynasty Heroes image 2

Global PVP battle system

– Players will be pitted against each other in the global PVP system! The winners will stand to win amazing in-game prizes not found elsewhere!