Thumb Empires – Free gift codes to celebrate game update and bug fixes

[Android download] Thumb Empires, launched by China social games giant 4399 a couple of months back, is now celebrating a new game update. Along with new structures, 4399 has confirmed that several bugs, both major and minor, have been fixed to provide players with a better game experience. MMO Culture has teamed up with 4399 to give out a limited number of item codes!

[keys id=31656]

1. Enter the game and click the “Setting” button in the lower right corner.

2. Click the “Redeem Code”.

3. Enter the Redemption Code and click “Confirm”.

4. Redeem successfully, check it in the “Chest” in the lower left corner.

Thumb Empires image 3

Taking a slight twist from games of the same genre, several new elements are introduced to make gameplay more interesting. Upon reaching level 5, players can proceed and build a structure which helps farm gems, the cash currency of Thumb Empires! Allied players in Southeast Asia will be able to help each other build defensive structures, as well as send gifts to help out each other.

Train your troops!【Video】Dear Emperors, your faithful troops will protect your turf and crush the other clans. Train them and get ready for the war!————-Thumb Empires————Thumb Empires: http://empires.4399en.com4399EN Mobile: FB:

Posted by Thumb Empires-English on Wednesday, June 10, 2015