The World 2 – Skip the minions and battle huge bosses on mobile devices

Successfully launched in China and Taiwan, the action mobile game known as The World 2 is preparing for launch in English. Developed by Oxon Game Studio and Good Games, The World 2 breaks RPG tradition by allowing players to face giant boss monsters without clearing waves of pointless minions. There are single player and online modes, which is certainly a rarity for mobile games.

The World 2 screenshot 1 The World 2 screenshot 2

For characters, there are around thirty heroes to collect, each equipped with his or her own unique skills. Do note that players start off with just one hero and limited resources! Boss monsters apparently drop materials required to craft awesome gears, which really gives off that strong Monster Hunter vibe. I read that the heroes will change in looks as they get stronger (or upgraded)!

The World 2 screenshot 3 The World 2 screenshot 4

There are several factors which will affect the boss fights outcome, including destructible environment and objects. There are weather and day/night changes in-game, but I am not really sure if combat is affected. Other features include the guild function (never try to take on bosses alone), PVP arena, and an open trading system. The World 2 will soft-launch in Canada first later this month.