League of Immortals – Dot Arena publisher reveals new mobile MOBA

[Game website] FunPlus, publisher of Dot Arena, recently announced they have acquired NetEase’s League of Immortals, and will publish the 3D mobile MOBA for Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia later this August. With a dynamic 360-degree perspective which shows off the special effects of the heroes’ abilities, the game will bring players an extraordinary new mobile gaming experience.


League of Immortals’ lifelike environments and beautiful effects truly immerse players completely in their heroes and keep them engaged in the action gameplay. The high quality graphics and skill effects are made possible by the game’s NeoX engine. League of Immortals not only retains classic card battle game elements, but also adds a unique and innovative MOBA gameplay mechanics.

League of Immortals screenshot 1

Advanced network infrastructure allows players to battle friends not just over a WiFi network, but even incorporates a ‘balanced’ game mode where the level of all players’ equipment is made even, allowing games to be played on a fair level and dependent on skill control and tactics. Each player controls 3 heroes, making it easy to achieve ability synergy and engage in competitive gameplay.

League of Immortals screenshot 2