League of Immortals – Dot Arena publisher launches new mobile MOBA

[Game website] FunPlus, publisher of Dot Arena, has launched its new mobile game, League of Immortals, in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore! Available in English and Chinese languages on iOS and Android devices, League of Immortals feature legendary Asian characters in a grand fight where victory is key. The controls are painstakingly optimized for mobile devices as well.


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League of Immortals’ lifelike environments and beautiful effects truly immerse players completely in their heroes and keep them engaged in the action gameplay. The high quality graphics and skill effects are made possible by the game’s NeoX engine. League of Immortals not only retains classic card battle game elements, but also adds a unique and innovative MOBA gameplay mechanics.


Main game features in League of Immortals include:

1. Classic tower push PVP: Tower push mechanics and MOBA gameplay offers players an epic battle experience!

2. Exciting PVE adventure mode: Embark on an adventurous journey and fight against various demons and monsters!

3. PVP arena combat: Compete against others in the battle to be the best! Dominate the world of the immortals!

4. Clan system: The best way to obtain great heroes and gain rare partners!

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