Grand Chase M – Exclusive item codes for players in North America and Brazil

Eyedentity Mobile recently announced its new game, Grand Chase M, hitting 2 million downloads just a week after launch. Published globally by Eyedentity Mobile, Grand Chase M is a 3D tactical action RPG mobile game based on the popular PC online game, Grand Chase. MMO Culture and Eyedentity Mobile have teamed up to give away item codes to players in North America and Brazil!


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A tactical RPG, Grand Chase M has players strategically assemble a squad of up to five warriors, each with their own set of active and passive skills that must be carefully considered to counter different types of enemies and combat scenarios. Additionally, every warrior has its own screen-shaking Ultimate Attack that can be combined with that of other warriors to devastating effect!

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In addition to its main story mode, Grand Chase M also contains a plethora of other game modes to do battle in, such as the Dimension Crack, which allows players to fend off against waves of enemies for rewards, and a PvP mode in which players compete with one another to climb in the rankings. Players in 198 countries, using both Android and iOS devices, are now enjoying the game!