Dungeon Link – Chapter 2 update is now live for unique puzzle RPG

Grab your crossbows and link your way to more victories in Chapter 2 of Dungeon Link! Developed by Kong Studio and published worldwide by Gamevil, Dungeon Link is an entertaining RPG played through block-connecting puzzles, combining an epic storyline with colorful brainteasers. The game has been downloaded over 2 million times since its launch on App Store and Google Play.


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Available right now, Dungeon Link’s Chapter 2 update brings the brand conclusion to the game’s current story and opens an entirely new world for you linkers to explore. Update details include:

1. Conclusion of World 1 Story: Come face-to-face with the menacing Demon King in his castle. The Demon King’s Castle stage will include 12 challenging boards to complete.

2. Beginning of World 2 Story: The second world map has four whimsical new stages (with more to come in future updates) called the Highland Circus, Monster Colosseum, Sky Temple, and Elfheim. Each stage also includes 12 boards or sub-stages.

Dungeon Link Chapter 2 image 1

3. New Heroes: Meet Lena the Sword Master, Ming the Geomancer, Bibi the Circus Master, and Melissa the Wood Mage and learn their stories as they join your journey through Kanterbury. In addition to these four story heroes, there are also five new collectable heroes – Rosita the Maid, Mai the Geomancer, Hani the Bee, Irene the Magical Girl, and Elliot the Wild Demon – who can be summoned and added to your team.

3. New Running Attacks: Change up your strategy with the addition of two running attacks. The Copycat copies the last used running attack, while the Combo Hitter causes heroes to strike twice when attacking a monster.

Dungeon Link Chapter 2 image 2

4. Guild vs. Guild Battle: In addition to PvP matches, boss raids, and daily dungeons, you can now battle against other guilds to test your skills and receive more rewards.

5. Awakening System: Go beyond combining, evolving, and enhancing your heroes with the new Awakening option. After completing the “Hell” level of any stage, enter the gathering dungeon and collect materials to unlock buffs. Add buffs to 6-star heroes to increase their Attack, Elemental, Defense, HP, and Critical points.