Ojisan Monster – Capture critters and force them to perform hard labour

I am not sure if the game’s creator has a beef with Pokemon, but here Ojisan Monster is apparently a parody of the famous franchise. The critters’ faces are replaced with that a Japanese old man’s, and players would have to capture them, just like in Pokemon. I wonder which age group Ojisan Monster is aiming for with this “unique” game… It is in Japanese by the way, so flex your language muscles!


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There are no battles here, instead, the captured critters, known as Ojimon, are “forced” to do hard labour and help players earn virtual money. As seen in the images below, one of the tasks include mining. With new found wealth, players can then proceed to get more Ojimons, evolve them (yes there is evolution), or simply expand the town by building new roads and structures. Playing now!

Ojisan Monster image 1 Ojisan Monster image 2