Chain Dungeons – Puzzle RPG begins pre-registration in Southeast Asia

Launching really soon in Southeast Asia, Chain Dungeons is one of the rare high quality Japan-developed mobile games to grace the region. A Free-to-Play game, Chain Dungeons blends different elements from puzzle games and classic RPG titles to present a really unique dungeon crawler suitable for gamers of all ages. Pre-registration is now live, with three activities to win prizes for launch.




The pre-launch event for Chain Dungeons is now, with the Southeast Asia launch starting real soon! It will be remain open for two weeks, with three activities that people will be able to participate in.


1. Register at to gain in game rewards such as crystals, gold, and King Poporon Sets!

2. Invite friends to further earn crystals.

3. Like and share the Chain Dungeons Facebook page to stand a chance to win a powerful pre-launch event exclusive monster, obtainable only through this event!

Chain Dungeons images 1

Core game Features:

1. Battle and collect hundreds of monsters.

2. Perform epic elemental attacks.

3. Forge legendary weapons, armour and helmets.

4. Enjoy 4-player multiplayer dungeons!

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