Battle Spheres – New slingshot mobile game launching this month

Gtoken, a mobile games publishing company is excited to announce that they have teamed up with Ixora Studios to bring Battle Spheres to players worldwide. Battle Spheres is a challenging, action packed, real-time Action RPG game based off classic real world games like Billiards and Carom. Battle Spheres will be free to play and download exclusively on Google Play on 25th July 2015.

Battle Spheres screenshot 1

The key concept of the core game is having players position their “Battle Spheres” – collectable units – using simple sling shot mechanics to both strategically dodge powerful enemy onslaughts and line their Battle Spheres up for the optimal attack on the following turn. These units vary in different shapes, and sizes, and will evolve into a stronger form once the requirements are met!

Battle Spheres screenshot 2

Players will get to explore the expansive fantasy world of Spherea as they progress through the wilderness and collect hundreds of unique “Battle Spheres”. Each unit will have special traits and abilities according to their type, race, and element. Players will be challenged to find creative ways to defeat the most difficult bosses using unique combinations of your teams’ elements and skills.

Battle Spheres screenshot 3

If players should crave an even greater challenge, then they can pit their teams against the strongest battlers of Spherea in the Arena, where they can battle with other players for greater rewards and glory. Need extra preparation before the Arena, or just feel like battling it out with your friends to see who has the strongest team? Engage in a Live Duel and settle the score, once and for all!

Battle Spheres poster