World of Tanks Blitz – Mobile game celebrating its first year this week

World of Tanks Blitz is about to celebrate its first birthday on June 26! It has been an extremely exciting first year since World of Tank Blitz launched on Apple and Android platforms, cementing Wargaming as a true multiplatform publisher. During its first year, World of Tanks Blitz has amassed over 30 million downloads across all devices, as well as achieving 100,000 concurrent players.


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The game’s nomination for a prestigious Golden Joystick award, not to mention its place in the “Best of App Store 2014”, means World of Tanks Blitz has been a hit with gamers. To celebrate, World of Tanks Blitz will be crediting a special tank to all accounts on June 26 as a birthday gift. But that’s not all, there are lots more great gifts and super specials planned, so stay tuned for more information.