Warhammer: Storm of Magic – First trailer revealed for mobile game

Under license from Games Workshop, Shanghai-based Supersense recently revealed the ‘first work-in-progress’ trailer for the 3D mobile collectible card title, Warhammer: Storm of Magic. The game is set in the magical and engaging fantasy world of Warhammer, where players engage in tactical battles online with each other or AI-controlled players using heroes and various combat units.


“Whilst we are early in development with a great deal to do, we have made good progress so we couldn’t wait to share what we have so far,” Supersense CEO Troy Horton said in a statement. “For a new company working with the Warhammer brand gives us a certain pressure to up our game so we have to value people’s thoughts.” The game will launch on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Warhammer Storm of Magic screenshot