Kritika: The White Knights – New Awakening system and content arrives

Global mobile games publisher, Gamevil, recently released a new game content update for its popular title, Kritika: The White Knights. The main feature is the Awakening system, followed by upgrades to the “dash” skill and AI function, a new skill set system, and finally, integration with Apple’s Metal API which will bring improved battery usage and more for iOS users. More details below!


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Kritika - Awakening

The character’s appearance as well as the skill will be changed after awakened. Awakened characters will have a new prefix to their name and will also have fire effect on their icon.

Dash skill and AI function upgraded

Kritika - Dash skill

Dash Skill: This new action allows players to quickly move and dodge incoming attacks. Players can now enjoy upgraded action and tactical plays.

Hybrid AI: During Auto-mode, players can always jump in to the game and play manually by tapping on the screen. You can use this feature to run away and use potion while fighting in Auto Play. Auto mode and manual mode can be switched off easily.

Skill Set System

Kritika - Skill set system

Players can set-up their skill-set up to 3 skill sets. By switching skill sets, players can flexibly choose which skill to use in each mode.

Metal API

Kritika - Metal API

Metal is a 3D API (Application Programming Interface) which can take your game or app to the next level of performance and capability. Metal API has been applied to Kritika to bring a smoother gaming experience for iOS devices.