Heroes Saga – Superheroes enter Android devices in Southeast Asia

Heroes Saga, a Free-to-Play mobile game, has entered Open Beta in Southeast Asia! The game is based on popular characters from all over the world, including Son Goku from Dragon Ball, Luffy from One Piece, Zeus from… Mount Olympus, and more. I am not really sure about potential copyright issues, but the game is free, so I am game. Heroes Saga is only available on Android devices.


Google Play


Players will get to experience over 20 different types of battlefields, warring through both space and time against other super villains. There are over a hundred different heroes to collect and form a powerful team, though players must choose which to represent them in the actual battles. Each hero will also come with his or her unique skills and flashy combat graphics to light up the game.

Heroes Saga image 1 Heroes Saga image 2

Several game modes are available, including team combat, individual exploration, cross-server wars, boss fights, Hungry Hunter mode, PVP arena, and more! Players will have multiple ways to find success and save the universe at the same time! More features are being prepared, so stay tuned to Heroes Saga’s official Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/HeroesSagaEN