Elune Saga: Miracle of Elune – Mobile RPG gets Season 2 content update

Global publisher Gamevil and developer Waplesoft have update the popular mobile RPG, Elune Saga, with a Season 2 update named Miracle of Elune. Players who love turn-based style games and card collection cannot miss this game, with several major upgrades made. Elune Saga Season 2 now has been adapted to truly match with the demand of its players. Check out the full details below!


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1. New adventure – Karp Island

Players can now enter the new Karp Island after finishing the Adventure mode on Astoria.

Elune Saga - Karp Island

2. New hero – Toto

Toto the Guardian of the Spirits, and Toto the Summoner of Darkness are now added to the hero pool! Its hero effect provides players with increased health points.

Elune Saga - Toto image 1 Elune Saga - Toto image 2

3. Platinum 6★ souls added

Platinum Souls can be obtained through Forge and the necessary materials can be obtained through Sacrifice. Platinum Souls have dual elemental properties and can be altered anytime (Cost: 10 Soulstones). Each player can only have ONE of each Platinum Soul on one character. The new Platinum 6★ Souls are: Freyja (Water and Earth) and Lucifer (Fire and Wind).

Elune Saga - Freyja

4. New souls added

New souls Ramses and Mercury can now be obtained through Premium Summons. Aini, Aegil, Arachne, and Gawain can now be obtained through the Combine feature!

5. New costumes added

Tristam the Wind Swordsman (Wind): Set 1 Effect: ATK +1,500, Set 2 Effect: HP +2,000, Critical Rate +10%

Elune Saga - Tristam the Wind Swordsman

Sofia the Undefeated Fighter: Set 1 Effect: ATK +1,500, Set 2 Effect: Water ATK +1,000, Critical Rate +10%)

Elune Saga - Sofia the Undefeated Fighter

6. Hero Soul set effect renewal

Soul Sets effects now become active when corresponding elemental Souls are placed in their corresponding slots. Having one row of matching Souls bound will activate Set Effect 1, while having both rows of matching Souls bound will activate Set Effect 2. However, only one Set Effect can be active at a time. Active set effects will bring about a new wing effect on heroes.

Elune Saga - Hero Soul set effect renewal 1 Elune Saga - Hero Soul set effect renewal 2