Dragon Eyed – Mobile gamers to enjoy a full MMORPG experience

When Actoz Games announced Dragon Nest 2 and more last week, those were not really the only mobile games the company has prepared for global publishing. With 30 other titles being prepared, Dragon Eyed is one scheduled to launch this year. Developed by Korean Studio, Eight Panda, Dragon Eyed is focused on re-creating the MMORPG experience for players on mobile devices.


The storyline seems kind of recycled, focusing on the war between two factions, one which believes in faith, the other in science, while players start off trying to recover his or her memories. Specialists were hired to script the the various cinematic in the game in an effort to tie the gameplay closer to the main story, along with professional voice-overs and a mix of 3D and 2D effects.

Dragon Eyed screenshot 1 Dragon Eyed screenshot 2

There are currently three classes in the game, including Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer. Players can choose to go into dungeons with two other live players via matchmaking, or simply get two other characters to form an adventure team. For combat, there are elemental weaknesses and strengths, pretty much like Pokemon, hence strategies are recommended when casting skills and spells.

Dragon Eyed - Party artwork

Other features include a guild system, and Eight Panda is also preparing Guild vs Guild for the future. Would it be too messy for such a war on small screens? I can’t help but to wonder. There will be infinite dungeons, 1 vs 1 duels (3 vs 3 in development), tower defense mode, and more under construction. I am not sure if the mentioned launch this year will be global, but stay tuned for updates!

Dragon Eyed - 1 vs 1 PVP