Archlord 2 – Stardust Land introduced as new PvP area in game update

[Game website] Webzen recently announced that its PvP-focused MMORPG, Archlord 2, received its latest game content update. Increasing the maximum level to 60, the update introduces “Stardust Land”, an open PvP area, “Wraith Valley”, a new instance to explore, 240 new quests to accomplish, as well as plenty of new equipment – including some legendary quality items.


Following the events that unfolded over the course of the last major update in the “Land of Corruption” and “Sunny Garden”, players will discover the great evil that plagued these lands has not yet been vanquished. With the help of a mysterious sect called the “Nightfall Emissary” the Dark Priest Galia fled from the heroes of the Azuni and Crunn, setting his sights on a new territory: Stardust Land.

Archlord 2 screenshot 1

Now corrupted by the Dark Priest, players must liberate this area from the ancient evil summoned by the Nightfall Emissary and venture into the “Wraith Valley” dungeon to confront one of Galia’s most powerful henchmen: Death Master Kwatrika. Eliminating this boss won’t be an easy task for any adventurer, but the rewards are appropriate for the challenge: a new tier of equipment!

Archlord 2 screenshot 2