Heart Castle – New updates arrive for fairy tale inspired mobile game

Published on the Playpark platform by Asiasoft, Heart Castle is one of the newer mobile games available for gamers in Southeast Asia. Heart Castle’s main story is inspired by the fairy tale classic, Alice in Wonderland, with familiar elements all around the game world. It was recently updated with new content and events, so find out more about them below!


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New User Welcome Event
We have recently introduced the brand-new reward package for newbies who joined Heart Castle after 30 April 2015. New users will be receiving rubies for the first 7 days they log in to the game which can be used to purchase premium cash items in-game!

Heart Castle - New user welcome event

Golden Chest Event
More exclusive than regular reward chests, these golden chests can only be found randomly in the Heart Castle Storymode (Easy, Normal and Hard). In these chests, players can find Gold coins, Golden Tickets or Silver Tickets which can be exchanged for specific cash items and rare item drops in the exclusive Event Shop. The details of the all available rewards can be found from this link.

New Pets: Camembert Rabbit & Cursed King
Two new 4-star pets have also been introduced, the Camembert Rabbit and the Cursed King. Both melee pets can be evolved into super rare 6-star pets with Evolution Eggs specific to their elements.

Poultry Invasion: New Dimension Hole Event
Watch out for the chickens taking over the Dimension Hole in Heart Castle from 21 May to 4 June 2015! Players can hunt for four new and exclusive 4-star and 5-star pets – 4-Star Relic Rook, 4-Star Ancient Knight, 5-Star Legend Rook and 5-Star Legendary Knight, available in the Dimension Hole under the “Special Event” category. Other rewards and details of the event can be found here.

Heart Castle - New Dimension Hole Event