Dragon Nest: Labyrinth – Action mobile game announced for Europe

Actoz Soft Europe today announced its first Free-to-Play mobile game for Android and iOS, Dragon Nest: Labyrinth. It will be available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store later this summer. A 3D hack ‘n’ slash mobile RPG, Dragon Nest: Labyrinth offers a new take on the well-established Dragon Nest universe and lets players dive into all the familiar action on their mobile devices.


At the start of their adventure, players can choose one of four currently available classes (more to be added in future updates) and begin slashing their way through dungeons with fast-paced combos. The ultimate goal is to reach the end of the Dragon’s labyrinth to recover a long lost treasure that will help restore the world to a peaceful place again. However, players have a long way to go.

Dragon Nest Labyrinth screenshot 1

Eventually, more and more party member slots and party members can be unlocked to make sure each player is strong enough to even make it through the hardest dungeons. Dragon Nest: Labyrinth offers a wide range of PvE maps and dungeons as well as a self-matching PvP mode with global rankings. It also comes with a massive selection of costumes to customize the characters.

Dragon Nest Labyrinth screenshot 2