Archlord 2 – Guild Battles arrive in latest game content update

[Game website] Webzen today announced that the PvP-focused MMORPG, Archlord 2, has just received its new content update focused on Guild Battles. Starting now, new features are available in Archlord 2, with the action-packed Guild Battles and a new area, El Dorado, in which characters from all levels can confront challenging new monsters in a limited timeframe for bountiful rewards.


Being part of a guild will now be even more rewarding due to the Guild Battles, a weekly confrontation pitting guilds of the same faction against one another to vie for domination over specific territories with precious benefits at stake. Each week, guilds can enter one of the five guild battle areas for their faction, trying to wrestle ownership of that area away from its current owner.

Archlord 2 Guild Battle screenshot 1

Only one guild will be defending a given territory,  while members of multiple guilds can participate as attackers. The goal is to seize the important stronghold by capturing a relic located within and protected by thick walls. Strategy and teamwork will be paramount for victory, as only a guild master can capture the relic. The victorious guild will then become the new defending one!

Archlord 2 Guild Battle screenshot 2

The roles of the teams will change again if another guild is successful in capturing the relic. The winner of the battle will be the guild controlling the relic at the end of the battle. For a week, until the next round of guild battles starts, guild members will be able to use special skills and have access to discounts at NPC vendors and craftsmen which may prove invaluable in their future battles.

Archlord 2 Guild Battle screenshot 3

As the name suggests, El Dorado will be both a zone of challenge and abundance for new and seasoned players. Available several times a day through the week, characters will have 30 minutes to kill the hundreds of much sought-after Golden Monsters in this new instance. There will be no level restriction for the participants, nor any possible encounters with the opposite faction.

Archlord 2 Guild Battle key art