World of Tanks – Update welcomes new French tanks branch and more

[Game website] Wargaming recently announced the latest update for World of Tanks, version 9.7, is now available in North America. This update will be available in Southeast Asia and Korea on April 24, and for Europe on April 28. Features added to the game range from enhanced Team Battles, a new branch of French tanks, the third historic map “Overlord”, and tweaked balancing rules.

World of Tanks - French tanks

Team Battles now have permanent teams. Players’ teams can now have up to 12 members with 7 battling at a time. They can even have their own name and logo (after the same team has played 20 rated matches). The addition of leader boards, divided globally into six leagues, requires a set number of points in order to qualify for each division and ascend the ladder.

World of Tanks - Team Battle artwork

The new branch of French tanks arrives with two new light tanks and five medium tanks. Out these, the Tier 9 AMX 30 1st prototype is a very mobile tank with one of the longest effective firing ranges of those in its tier. The AMX 30 B, a Tier 10, is another much anticipated quick tank with great view range and firepower. Both models can be seen in the screenshots right below.

World of Tanks - AMX 30 1st prototype World of Tanks - AMX 30 B

New balancing rules will help newer and medium-skilled players get the most enjoyment out of matches by grouping users based on ability. Fledgling Tier 1, 2, and 3 players will find competition with others close to their proficiency, while more experienced Tier 1, 2, and 3 players will be matched similarly. Do be informed that these balancing changes only affect players in Random Battles.

The historic map “Overlord” transports players to a level inspired by the D-Day Landings at Normandy. They will be thrown into a chaotic environment where beaches are littered with smoking wreckage and destroyed landing boats, combating enemies as they storm the hills. Six vehicles have also been reworked for HD, now fully realized in sharp detail, including The E 100, ELC AMX, and IS-4.

World of Tanks - Overlord map screenshot 1 World of Tanks - Overlord map screenshot 2