World of Tanks: Operation Undead – Defend against hordes of undead

[Game website] Wargaming has mustered their forces and dug out the trenches because on April 1st there’s a zombie apocalypse. World of Tanks Operation Undead places you in the boots of a commander whose Stronghold has been set upon by hordes of vicious enemies. Don’t miss your chance to try out this new breed of Wargaming’s signature armored warfare and enter the Top 100.

World of Tanks Operation Undead - Image 1

This new angle on tank combat lets players figure out ingenious ways to fend off waves of attackers. Strategically place tanks across three unique battlegrounds. Defend against seven different types of undead from decrepit biplanes to shambling troops. Use a range of tanks effective against the numerous types of zombies and harness powerful special attacks to deal the final blow.

World of Tanks Operation Undead - Image 2

Points are gained for destroying the undead, keeping your Stronghold in good condition, as well as taking out bosses and refraining from using special attacks. To ensure victory, players must accumulate as many points as possible while protecting your Command Center from the invasion.

World of Tanks Operation Undead - Image 3