Infinity Blade Saga – Android and Xbox One launch confirmed for China

Infinity Blade Saga: Destiny is one of the game I missed out from Tencent’s recent press conference. For the first time, a game in the Infinity Blade series will be launching on the Android platform other than just the iOS App Store. Infinity Blade Saga: Destiny will also launch on Xbox One. Of course, all these are exclusive for the China market, to be published on the Tencent Games platform.


Crafted using the Unreal Engine, Infinity Blade Saga: Destiny is developed by the series’ creators, Chair Entertainment (under Epic Games). According to reports, the game will be an enhancement of the first three games, with several new features just for the China gamers. As seen in the trailer above, Xbox One users will be able to make use of the Kinect system to play, which is pretty cool.

Infinity Blade Saga image